Director of Photography


     Conducting Cinematography & Photography in: 

    Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Texas, Miami

   commercials/narrative/documentary/branded content/music video/live operation

Skilled in all formats of digital cinematography and motion picture film cinematography. Working with top motion picture feature lighting & grip departments in the industry.  Experienced with the nation's most excelled ad agencies and production companies. Nearly 25yrs in filmmaking and digital post production around the globe. Crew resources in LA, NYC, Chicago, Texas, and Miami. 

Experienced with: RED, Arri Alexa, Canon Cine, Panasonic, DaVinci Resolve, Premire PRO, Drone Crews


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              production resume & credits


"Ray Lewis-NFL Gridiron Greats"  STARZ PROMO: Director of Photography-STARZ NETWORK

"McDonalds- NFL"- : Director of Photography - Leo Burnett/Believe Media

"Absolut Vodka Absolute ART": Director of Photography - Believe Media

"Mattew McConnaughey- STARZ PROMO": Director of Photography- STARZ Network

"McDonalds- MLB Baseball": Director of Photography- Leo Burnett Chicago/Believe Media

"Gatorade NFL FOOTBALL": Director of Photography- Duo Films Korea

"NIKE- MLB BASEBALL" : Director of Photography- WEIDEN & KENNEDY

"HBO- Boxing After Dark": Director of Photography - HBO Networks

"STARZ  ORIGINALS" Promo: Director of Photography - STARZ NETWORK

"PRISON BREAK" season promo: Director of Photography - SKY ONE-UK/ FOX Network

" FORD USA American Idol Season Promos": Director of Photography- Fox/Plum Prod

"SUBWAY": Director of Photography- Giraldi Prods

"Verizon"; Director of Photography: Giraldi Prods

"Martin Lawrence's STARZ 14th Amendment Comedy Stand Up" promo: Director of Photography - STARZ

"Ice Cube STARZ promo"- Director of Photography - Starz Networks

"Craig T Nelson: Copper Point Financial":  Director of Photography - Kantara Prod

"ATT Cellular": Director of Photography - LOPEZ/NEGRETE Houston

"Walmart": Director of Photography - LOPEZ/NEGRETE Houston

"CHEVY TRUCKS": 2nd Unit Cinematographer - Kantara Prod

John Deer OFF Road: 2nd Unit Cinematographer - Kantara Prod

"Coca Cola": Director of Photography - IFR Turkey

"B. B. KING - One Touch": Director of Photography - Gartner Prod LA

"BARACK OBAMA ELECTION- STARZ PROMO": Director of Photography - STARZ Networks

"Target": Director of Photography - Mad Films CANADA

"Chili's Restaurant": Director of Photography - Giraldi Prods

"Party City""Director/DP - Zimmerman Agency

"Burger King": Director of Photography- Jac Benson Prod NYC

"Healthy Choice- Gourmet": Director Of Photography - Giraldi Prod NYC

"NIKE- Boxing Oscar De la Hoya": Director of Photography- Blue Planet LA

"Blue Leaf Home Furnishings": Director of Photography - Lopez/Negrete Houston

"Survival Insurance"; Director/DP - Ideal Living Prods LA

"ESPN Boxing": Director Of Photography - ESPN Films

"INC Fashions": Director of Photography - INC/ Bon Marche Seattle

"Bud Lite": Director of Photography - Anheiser Busch Miami

"Chase Banking Online": Director Of Photography - Believe Media

"Direct TV MLB Baseball": Director of Photography-  Moxie Pictures/ Direct TV

"iPod": Director of Photography - Nobel Digital Prod LA

"NHL on FOX": Director of Photography - FOX Network 

"Doritos CRUNCH": Director of Photography - Doritos Super Bowl Runner Up

"Doritos GIANT": Director of Photography - Doritos Super Bowl Finalist

"Village Natural Foods": Director/DP - Tony Molina Filmworks

"Hamptons Fim Fest": Director of Photography -  Giraldi Prods NYC

"Cancun": Director of Photography - Mexican Board of Tourism


Music Video 

Beyonce "Live at Staples Arena", Anonymous Content: Camera Operator

Keith Urban- "Livin' Right Now LIVE",  Graying & Balding Prod: Camera Operator

STING: "If On A Winter's Night", PBS/DVD- Graying & Balding Prod: Director Of Photography

Morrissey: "Hollywood Bowl Live", HARVEST Records: Camera Operator

Brian Setzer: "Jump Jive & Wail"-Interscope Records: Director Of Photography

Brian Setzer: "In The Mood"-Interscope Records: Director of Photography

Snoop Dogg: "You Bring Me Up": - Interscope Records: Director OF Photography

"Fastball, Out of My Head": Director of Photography - Hollywood Records/Graying & Balding

DAVID FOSTER & Friends LIVE: PBS/DVD, Graying & Balding Prod: Camera Operator

Red Hot Chili Peppers: ""Maggie May"- Warner Bros Records: Camera Operator

Hope Sandoval &The Warm Inventions: "Trouble"- Sandevil Records: Director/DP

Exene Crevenka, X: "Already In Love",- Bloodshot Records, Lopez/Ford Films: Director of Photography

"Audioslave, COCHISE": Cinematographer - Anonymous Content LA

"Eels, Lucky Day": Director Of Photography - Warner Music/ MJZ Prod

" - Mona Lisa":  Director of Photography, Interscope/The Bridge

"Lemonheads,-I Can't Take It Anymore": Director Of Photography - Ford/Lopez-End Records

"3 Doors Down" Live: Camera Operator - PBS/Graying & Balding

"Kenny Chesney. LIVE": Camera Operator - PBS/Graying & Balding

Fishbone, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs: Director of Photography Warner Music

Suki Ewers, "Time After Time": Director/DP - Sally Gardens Publishing/Tony Molina Filmworks


"Comic-Con: Episode VII A Fan's Hope",- Morgan Spurlock/Stan Lee: Segment Director of Photography

"Lego: A Brickumentary" (Doc Feature)- LEGO/GEM: Cinematographer

"Helmut Newton: Provocateur"- Annenberg Space For Photography Los Angeles: Cinematographer

"The Short Game" (doc feature) - Samuel Goldwyn: Cinematographer

"Jennifer Lopez: The Real Me"- MTV/VH-1: Director Of Photography

"Michael Jackson: The One" (Doc)- CBS/Graying & Balding: Director of Photography 

"Calling All Earthlings", (Doc Feature) Carpe Stella Films: Director of Photography.

"Kassim The Dream" (Doc Feature)- Believe Media LA: Director of Photography

"The Classic", (Doc Feature)- Delirio Films: Cinematographer

Branded Content 

George Clooney - Fast Web, Kantara Prod:  BTS Director of Photography

George Clooney - "Italy",-FAST WEB, Kantara Prod:  BTS Director of Photography

Nissan 2017 - Kantara Prod:  BTS Director of Photography

"John Legend- Host With Stella Artois"- Stella Artois BTS Branded Content:  Director of Photography

"Avon, "SPAIN" BTS - Avon/Kantara Prod: Director of Photography

"Rihanna Glamour Magazine Women of the Year"- Glamour/Believe Media: BTS Director of Photography

"Fergie "Avon", - Avon/The Bridge Prod:  Director of Photography

"Kodak Shield Brand Security"- Kodak/Glo Prod: Director/ DP


"VH-1, HIP HOP HONORS- PROFILES"; Director of Photograph: VH-1

"GALMOUR MAGAZINE- Women of the Year Awards"-PROFILES: Director of Photography

"Prince Of Egypt Special"- Disney/NBC: Director of Photography

"Crazy Ones": CBS original tv Pilot- David E. Kelly?Montgomery Group: Director of Photography

"John Legend- Host With Stella Artois", Stella Artois BTS Branded Content: Director of Photography

"Sting, On A Winter's Night":  Director of Photography - PBS/Graying & Balding

"Attention Deficit Theater": CW WebTv sitcom- Montgomery Group: Director of Photography

DIRECTORS List in production (partial list): Mark Romanek, Nick Wickam, Jim Gable, Bob Giraldi, Jeff Feuerzig, Floria Sigsmondi, John Montgomery, Bill Yukich, Mike Jurkovich, Josh Greenbaum, Don Hannah, Hill/Reiss, Jac Benson, Howard Greenhalgh, Damien Kulash, Marc Klasfeld, Nigel Simpkiss, David Lee Roth, Lopez/Ford, Kevin+Mando


  • Art Eenter College of Design, BA- FILM


  • ADDY , Best Cinematography Midwest Regional, 2006
    "Blue Leaf Furnishings"
  • ADDY, Best Commercial Agriculture Midwest Regional
  • Emmy, Best Title Sequence, 2000
    "10th Kingdom" NBC (MOW)
  • MTV Music Video Awards, Best Cinematography W/Jeff Cronenweth, 1999
    Macy Grey "Start Somethin'" additional cinematography
  • Clio, Best Student AWARD, 1993
    '94- 2 Gold, 2 Silver Awards
  • AFI L.A. 2008 "Kassim the Dream", Grand Jury Prize- Best Feature Documentary, 2008
    "Kassim the Dream"- Audience AWARD Best Feature 2008 AFI L.A.
  • AFI L.A. '08 "Kassim the Dream", Audience Award, 2008
    "Kassim the Dream" Feature Documentary- 
  • IDA 2008, Nomination BEST FEATURE
    International Documentary Association- 2008 Best Feature Nomination-
    Winner- American Film Market Award Feature Documentary- "Kassim the Dream"
  • IDFA Amsterdam, DOC U AWARD, 2008
    IDFA Amsterdam Film Festival- DOC U AWARD- "Kassim the dream" Feature Documentary-
  • US Sports Film Fest, Audience Award, 2008
    Audience award Featur Documentary "Kassim the Dream"
  • ANN ARBOR AWARD, Life Force AWARD, 2008
    Feature Documentary- "Kassim the Dream" feature Documentry
  • Ft. Lauderdale Film Fest, Spirit of Independance Award, 2008
    "Kassim the Dream" feature documentary-